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Thursday, November 24, 2005


Bubba Betrays Troops, Silence on Left

Clearly 'Ol Slick is still making things up to suit his UN-American goals. One wonders if he's taking advice from John Kerry to bash the military for our enemies?

By Dick Morris
FrontPageMagazine.com | November 23, 2005

By traveling to Dubai, just a few hundred miles from the combat zone, to denounce the American in volvement in Iraq as a "big mistake," Bill Clinton has made a big mistake of his own.

Normally, a top leader of the Democratic Party and the spouse of a presidential candidate can and should feel free to say anything he chooses. But a former president of the United States should be more careful before he tells hundreds of thousands of young men and women, many of whom served under him, that they are risking their lives for a mistake.

To do it in the Arab world compounds the error. His denunciation of our war effort so close to the spots where our troops are fighting summons memories of Jane Fonda.

Yes, Clinton's attacks were highly specific. He praised getting rid of Saddam, but criticized President Bush for being overly optimistic about how easy it would be to leave Iraq afterward. He also attacked the administration for not leaving the "fundamental military and social and police structure intact." Really? That infrastructure killed, tortured, maimed, and mutilated hundreds of thousands of people. Should President Harry Truman have left the Gestapo in place?

Moreover, Clinton knew that the sound bite that would emerge was "big mistake" — a remark far outside the normal bounds of criticism of a president by one of his predecessors. Continued here


Sudden silence from the left

Since Bush and then Cheney came out swinging against the lies from the leftist moonbat's, the silence coming from liberals is deafening. Could it be that some of them are finally admitting they've been wrong? Hey, anything is possible, even that.

With an improving economy (see: here, and here)during a war that democrat's insist can't be won, is about to be won by democratizing Iraq in next months vote. As Bush has said all along, the closer elections come, the more desperate terrorists become, and that includes liberals here in America.

The bombings have happened outside of America because the war was taken to the enemy. It is being won with speed, low casualties compared to past wars, and with steadfastness to the mission. Democrat's have done nothing but whine on and on about it since it began, even after their party leaders voted for it.

Now democrat's have been caught with their pants down once again, in having to acknowlege with their votes to NOT bring the troops home, thus betraying their liberal base of misfits who desperately want Iraq to become another Vietnam where over 50,000 American troops were killed.

Fortunately, president Bush listens to his Generals and the Iraqi leadership to stay the course set, by promoting democracy – thus defeating terrorism and liberalism simultaneously.

The left doesn't understand how this is happening as their constant polling seems to suggest that the public is against the war and the administration.

Patience and common sense are the lacking ingredients in all liberal minds.

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