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Thursday, October 27, 2005


No Miers' and Dems Weak Cases

The rug was finally pulled out from under giddy democrats who thought they had someone they could easily manipulate on the U.S. Supreme court with Harriet Miers' confirmation.

Miers called the president in his private residence at 8:30 p.m. EDT Wednesday to tell him of her decision. Twelve hours later, she walked into the Oval Office to hand him her letter of withdrawal.

But suddenly the democrats have exposed themselves in complaining about Republican's for derailing the nomination.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., one of 14 women in the Senate, had challenged Miers' nomination yet couldn't resist criticizing Republicans in a sexist way. "I don't believe they would have attacked a man the way she was attacked."

Democrats now left defensless, are begging for some weak moderate in the mold of O'Connor, whom they had great success manipulating through the years to keep abortion, gay rights, and other wrongs in place.

This is the fight the country has been waiting for that will further expose the democrats for who they really are, and what their socialist agenda for America truly is. Democrats are not likely to win this battle either, to go with the long list of defeats they've had in recent years as America abandon's the leftist ideology.

The far left is not happy at all about Miers' decision to step away from consideration because they believed Bush was making a mistake in their favor. Or was it a set-up? "The radical right wing of the Republican Party killed the Harriet Miers nomination," said Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid of Nevada, who had recommended Miers to the president. "They want a nominee with a proven record of supporting their skewed goals."

Is killing babies for ones convenience skewed Mr. Reid? Who are democrats to say what's right for America when they've consistently backed criminals, rapists', abortionist's, murderers, and terrorists'? Let's call it Demoscrewed. They have the ACLU (All Communist Liberals Union) as their evil god, who argues for removal of anything religious in government because of a few atheists' who can't grasp the concept of faith, or some foreigner's (George Soros) who want to have Judeo-Christian values taken out of America in order to bring the country down.

The president is a strategerist who understands politics. He toughened up his base for the fight to come with his nomination of Miers, whom he knew would not be confirmed. When the time was right, Miers would "step down" from the nomination, making her the good girl who took one for the team, which will be rewarded with something else.

To the democrat's great dismay, neither Karl Rove nor Vice President Cheney will be charged if indictments are handed down on Friday. The weak case will instead focus on Cheney's aide, Mr. I. Lewis Libby Jr., for charges of making false statements to a grand jury. The problem for dems is proving he knowingly knew his statements were false, which is very difficult if not impossible to prove. After all, ex-president Clinton got away with lying under oath to a grand jury when he was impeached by asking what the meaning of 'is', is.

Democrat's simply cannot resist their vengence in trying to bring down the Bush presidency anyway they can. This will have an absolutely massive backfire effect on democratic party as everyone remembers their defense of Clinton’s impeachment.

Bush can be expected to nominate someone who will set off an immediate firestorm from liberals, and their special interest groups to provoke a major battle on the hill that will put democrats on the defensive on Friday, thus taking the steam out of their lame indictment of Libby based on a lie told by Joseph Wilson and his wife Valerie Plame, who cooked this up when they decided to take a trip to Niger to NOT find uranium, then came back claiming there wasn't any, and the reason for going to war was false. The final result of this will be indictments against Wilson and Plame who will surely go to jail for many, many years for conspiring against the White House.

Rep. Tom DeLay, under indictment on campaign finance violations, railed against Democrats in a letter Thursday, accusing them of engaging in "the politics of personal destruction."

The letter, sent to constituents and contributors, connected his case with investigations into possible misconduct by White House adviser Karl Rove and Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist.

"What we're fighting is so much larger than a single court case or a single district attorney in Travis County," the Texas Republican wrote. "We are witnessing the criminalization of conservative politics."

DeLay is right to be angry at democrats who've stacked the courts with liberal justices in order to push their socialist agenda against America and its long held traditions and values. They make up the rules for everyone else as they go while believing themselves above the laws they've created through judicial fiat.

Liberals are desperate to get rid of most religions in America they deem as fanatical, which includes Christianity and the religious principles America was founded on.

Unable to win in the arena of positive ideas for America, democrat's must resort to tearing down and railing against the U.S., to strip it of what has made it the greatest country in the world. They are told by their puppet masters of special interest groups to go out and complain about whatever is good, and make it bad by using the media to twist reality and rational thinking on its head with spins of bias that fit their agenda.

Liberals have been told to attack conservative blogs such as this one and argue with false propaganda refuting the facts, no matter how juvenile it looks. The proof is all over the internet in chat rooms and advertisments.

The response of the media is to go along with whatever desperate plan the democrats come up with, then unleash their attack dogs on the far left–salivating for scraps of hatred and anger they can use to demonize the right.

The amazing thing is that they have no idea of the real impression liberals are giving to the majority of American's, as they believe themselves to be winning by the polls they take on a near constant basis. Mostly they just end up agreeing with themselves, and project bias results as being correct in order to keep a dwindling minority base happy while ignoring reality.

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