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Sunday, October 30, 2005


Dems left deflated, again...

Demoralized and depressed are democrats, once again, as they were desperately hoping for charges against Karl Rove and Vice President Cheney, both of whom are not going to be charged with anything in this two year–waste of time–investigation initiated by the Wislon/Plame duo of fabricating story tellers, that has led to unprovable charges against Scooter Libby for purjury and obstruction of justice. Two of the same charges ex-president Clinton faced during his impeachment, getting off scot-free by asking what the definition of 'is' is, using his famous pouty-lip-bite irresistible to liberals everywhere.

So the liberals were sitting on the edge of their chairs with fingers crossed, in hopes of hearing evidence from Mr. Fitzgerald that the reasons for going to war were falsified, but were instead left deflated by Fitzgerald telling them that nothing about his investigation was ever about the war.

Democrat's had made it all up in their heads, and fed it to their manic MoveOn machine that spews out republican conspiracy theories all day long to keep liberal heads filled with anger and hate.

Question: Mr. Fitzgerald, this began as a leak investigation but no one is charged with any leaking. Is your investigation finished? Is this another leak investigation that doesn't lead to a charge of leaking?

Fitzgerald: "OK, is the investigation finished? It's not over, but I'll tell you this: Very rarely do you bring a charge in a case that's going to be tried and would you ever end a grand jury investigation.I can tell you, the substantial bulk of the work in this investigation is concluded."

In response to another question later on:

Question: A lot of Americans, people who are opposed to the war, critics of the administration, have looked to your investigation with hope in some ways and might see this indictment as a vindication of their argument that the administration took the country to war on false premises.

Does this indictment do that?

Fitzgerald: "This indictment is not about the war. This indictment's not about the propriety of the war. And people who believe fervently in the war effort, people who oppose it, people who have mixed feelings about it should not look to this indictment for any resolution of how they feel or any vindication of how they feel.

This is simply an indictment that says, in a national security investigation about the compromise of a CIA officer's identity that may have taken place in the context of a very heated debate over the war, whether some person -- a person, Mr. Libby -- lied or not.

The indictment will not seek to prove that the war was justified or unjustified. This is stripped of that debate, and this is focused on a narrow transaction.

And I think anyone's who's concerned about the war and has feelings for or against shouldn't look to this criminal process for any answers or resolution of that."

You could almost hear the hot air being let out of Howard Dean and the liberal pundits, who still said all day in every news break on Friday that charges against Libby were connected to reasons for going to war in Iraq. But that wasn't true as Fitzgerald explained.

The liberal media is lying again in order to deceive the public about two things that are clearly NOT connected. It's amazing how Democrats never connected the dots before 9/11, and are now doing it in vengeful haste, only the picture they've come up looks like a sitting donkey.

So then, where are the charges against the liberal media liars???

The bottom line here is that democrat's failed miserably in their goal–going after Bush, and have been left with basically zilch for their hungry misfits to munch on.

This is just another chapter of democrat obstruction run amok that is giving the American people a real headache. Come this time next year, the public will be taking massive doses of pain reliever when they oust more democrats at the voting booth.


The following is more important than our internal politics, so we all need to be American's, Now!

While we're playing politics, our enemies are moving quickly ahead with their evil plans against us and our allies. Are we or our government taking notice?

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But in this photo you can only see a portion of the graphic because it was cropped. The rest of the graphic speaks a thousand words.

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Why Haven't We Seen This?

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