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Saturday, October 22, 2005


Bush's Next Rebound

For all of the president's supposed woes being announced on a near continuous basis by the leftist media with some moderate help from the right, the stage is being set for the remarkable rebound of George W. Bush.

The president thrives on challenges. He did in his drive to become Governor of Texas, and followed up with his two campaign's for president.

His response to the terror attacks on 9/11 pushed Bush to stratospheric levels of popular leadership when his approval rating shot near the mid 90's.

Since then his approval ratings could only go one way, and they have indeed reached a low point of his presidency in the high 30's or low 40's, whichever "poll" numbers you want to believe on any given day. Much of this was due to things the president has little to no control over, such as high oil prices set by OPEC, and the hurricane disasters in the Gulf where democrat-run state and local government were responsible for the massive failures that took place, as evidenced by the complaints received from the public. The media on the other hand tried to put all the blame on the federal government who were hampered by state and local regulations from responding as quickly as they could have.

The left has gone wild with conspiracy theories about Tom DeLay, Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, and Bill Frist which are really just distractions from the impending case against the 9/11 commission's and Bill Clinton's cover-up of Able Danger, that will surely come back to wipe all this nonsense about Republican's off the front page and refocus the nation on the damage democrats have done to America with their corruption and ineptness.

As things stand now, this is where the president wants to be as he gets things done on the world stage while domestically things are still moving ahead at a good pace. All Bush needs to do is go into campaign mode where he has consistently come out on top.

The Miers nomination for the supreme court seems to be a mistake by the president. Will he leave her to fail? Could he be using her to soften up the democrats for another nominee? Or does he really want her on the court? My instincts tell me Bush using this nomination to toughen up his base to fight for the next true nominee while weakening his opponents, eg; liberal democrats, foreign governments and terrorist regimes.

While some Republican's complain about Bush's pick of Harriet Miers for the supreme court, it is not Republican's who are in denial here, but the democrats who constantly point fingers while ignoring their own ineptness and division in losing to the GOP. Democrats can't win on the issues because they have nothing to offer except retro-politics, and can't even admit to their true agenda, which as most know by now is to implement a socialist form of government using the Marx blueprint that has failed so miserably in other countries throughout history.

Goals and Reality

The gist of all this is that liberal democrats are hoping for the failure of Iraq and America so they can come in and pick up the pieces, in both Iraq and here. The MAJORITY of the public is fully aware of the desperate straights democrats are in, and that each false accusation only makes them look worse.

Unfortunately for lib dems, the constitutional process is working for the Iraqi people who voted for it overwhemingly at 78%, have the wherewithal to see it through despite the Sunni's and terrorists' desire to turn Iraq backward, because they want freedom and a better life for their people.

Remember that before the war, Democrats were saying "we'dlose tens of thousands of soldiers" and it would surely be another vietnam. Talk about hysteria, democrats have become the epitome of the word! Even today the democrats want to abandon the mission the same way we did in Vietnam, which turned out to be the worst decision for America's place in the world, making us look weak to our enemies. Hanoi Jane Fonda and John Kerry lead the accusations for the communists' that the media swallowed whole and reguritated to the world.

The terrorist enemy we're fighting in Iraq and elsewhere, cannot be reasoned with or appeased. These fanatics want to destroy America and Israel in order to force their brand of Islam onto all people. Anyone who doesn't follow it, they would simply kill outright, just as Saddam Hussein did with hundreds of thousands. Democrats are in such a mess that they're willing to lose the war on terror just to spite Bush and Republican's because they can't get over the fact that Clinton was an impeached disaster who consistently appeased terrorism throughout the '90's leading up to 9/11.

Many on the left see nothing wrong with terrorism, feeling that America deserves it because we're the world's only super power. They feel these people are only terrorists' because they've been oppressed. But the point they consistently miss is that we're not oppressing them, on the contrary we are giving them their freedom, which terrorists' don't want people to have–anywhere. Democrats actually want president Bush impeached for doing his job in protecting the nation. A job Clinton failed miserably at, and left Bush to deal with. Seems democrats want terrorism in America rather than in Iraq or Afghanistan as a form of population control to go with their support of killing babies with abortions.

The arrogant liberals have hamstrung democrats with irresponsible–paranoid conspiracy theories, anti-war protests, wild innuendo and trumped-up indictments as their only recourse to stop progress in America and Iraq by Republican's, thus proving the fallacies and backwardness of their entire political agenda.

So while the media is having a feeding frenzy over Tom DeLay, Dick Cheney, Bill Frist and Harriet Miers pandering to liberal fantasies that Bush is in some kind of free-fall, the reality is that they're not prepared for some big surprises coming that will deflate their current bubble of GOP destruction just like when their dot com era crashed in 2000.

Getting DeLay mad is really stupid, and going after Cheney with reliance on a biased Mr. Wilson's word alone is even stupider! To top it all off, democrats have hired a prosecutor who had to convene three different juries for an indictment against Mr. DeLay on charges not backed up by legal statutes.

I'll stick my neck out here and say that the GOP's (temporary) losing streak is a set-up for a good rebound, and that there will be a tremendous backfire on democrats in the mid-term elections because of their constant degradation of American values spewed with utter nonsense and hatred for the president, and anyone who does not conform to their extreme leftist ideology.

So much negativity has its price. One day soon, democrats are going to wish their liberal base of misfits had kept quiet, as they are beginning to diss the whiners on the left, realizing they are going nowhere because of them.

This creates a perfect time for president Bush to grab the bull by the horns, refocus on his agenda and regain the thrust of his convictions to make America a better and more prosperous nation where individual's are given the freedom to fulfill their destiny without government hinderance.

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