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Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Bush offers gift for Democrats?

The new nominee for the supreme court is a 60 year-old woman who democrats like. White House counsel Harriet Miers has been chosen by president Bush to succeed Sandra Day O'Connor on the highest court in the land.

The other woman on the court is the radical liberal Ruth Bader Ginsberg who during her confirmation hearings said very little about how she would make her decisions concerning important issues, and never answered any questions about Roe vs. Wade, claiming falsely that she didn't know how she would rule until the actual case was brought before the court.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comBut democrats are expecting to hear answers from Miers as to how and where her decisions would come down on the issues. This blatant double-standard will not sit well with the American public if democrats decide to use the fillibuster against Miers or not confirm her because of her silence to congress following Ginsberg.

Who picked her?
Democrats who voted against New Chief Justice John Roberts, seem to love Bush's new pick. "I Like Harriet Miers. As White House counsel she has worked with me in a courteous and professional manner," stated Harry Reid, D-Nev., the Senate minority leader. "I am also impressed with the fact that [Miers] was a trailblazer for women as a managing partner of a major Dallas law firm and the first woman president of the Texas Bar Association."

Added Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y.: "[W]hen I choose judges In New York, I look for practical experience. And so the fact that she hasn't been a judge before, to me is actually a positive, not a negative."

Some new facts about Schumer's double standards have come to light as two of his staffers illegally obtained and ran the social security number of raising black political star Michael Steele who is lieutenant governor of Maryland. For more information on Schumer's connections to this illegal activity, read Schumer's Plumbers.

So Bush has apparently caved to the democrats wishes with this rather weak nomination of a rather moderate woman who has no experience deciding cases, has given money to the democrats in November 1988, the nominee gave $1,000 to the DNC Services Corporation/Democratic National Committee. In February of that year, she donated $1,000 to then-Sen. Al Gore's presidential primary race. And in March 1987, Miers gave $1,000 to the primary campaign of Democrat Lloyd Bentsen, who went on to become Michael Dukakis' running mate in the 1988 presidential election.

If the democrats like her, then something seems awfully wrong with this decision, although Bush is smart enough to know if Harriet is right for the job after all these years of personal contact. In other words, we should give the president the benefit of the doubt on this nominee who may just turn out to be one of the best. See this article as to reasons why: Many Don't Grasp Strategy of Miers Nomination

However, according to TIME, An indication of her stance on gay rights comes from this questionaire from the Lesbian/Gay Political Coalition of Dallas Miers filled out while running for the Dallas City Council in 1989. In it, she supported full civil rights for gays and lesbians and backed AIDS education programs for the city of Dallas. (Source: Quorumreport.com)

Should Harriet Miers be confirmed and someday cast a vote for gays rights such as marriage, then Bush has certainly betrayed his base of conservatives and will go down as a backstabber in the Republican party. Let us hope that Harriet has come to her senses from that questionaire.

Democrats will likely start bashing her soon now that it's come out she is an Evangical Christian who has served the church well even in menial duties. She has run her own business and has been an advisor to the president for a long time, and Bush is not likely to be wrong with this choice either.

Time will tell us more about her if the democrats can get anything out of her, which is doubtful as she's one tough little lady who some claim, eats nails. Although she’s a small-framed woman, we all believed she came through the Marines and maybe ate nails for breakfast because she’s one tough cookie,” Horace Taylor, a former lottery employee who worked for Miers, told the Houston Chronicle.

Hopefully Bush has done something good for the nation and pro-lifers with this rather odd pick that may surprise many doubters.

We all need to pray for Harriet Miers while the process take its course.

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