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Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Plame's Blame Game Flame Out

This is the final word on the Wilson-Plame game being waged by the distractors in the liberal mainstream media for the democrats, and for Hillary's upcoming campaign for the White House.

By continuing to align themselves with a reputed liar in the conjured up CIA leak investigation, democrats have stepped into a mind field and are seeking to find their way out of it. Unfortunately for them, conjuring up more lies to cover old ones won't cut it with the American people, who know that their game is to bring the Bush presidency down at any cost. But like suicide bombers, liberals have convinced themselves of a future outcome they cannot possibly know as they march on towards self-destruction.

Since the original article by Joe Wilson in 2003, nothing about his story held water, as concluded by the Senate Intelligence Committee in an investigation demanded by democrats. The findings of that investigation prove that it is all nonsense.

But now it seems that the conclusions reached are not good enough for the angry liberal democrats, of which no amount of evidence can convince them otherwise, as the country witnessed when they gave ex-president Bill Clinton's confession of the Monica Lewinsky scandal during a speech where he had flat out lied to the entire nation while waging his finger, a pass. The line from liberals is, "Nope, I don't care what you saw, it just didn't happen!"

Democrats failed to impeach Clinton based on nothing but their fondness for him, even though the mountain of evidence against him for lying under oath was substantially correct. But democrats do not consider hard evidence, relying instead on their emotional feelings, that are subject to change with the wind. Have you noticed how hypocritical democrats are about holding "only certain people" to account? If they're not part of their accepted group, then they're labeled and trashed by the DNC or their henchmen in the media.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comIt has become all too-clear to everyone besides liberals, that Joe Wilson is a partisan democrat with an axe to grind against president Bush and his administration. The liberal media opened their arms up wide for 'Ol Joe, giving them a great cover shot on Vanity Fair, reminiscent of the Kennedy's.

Oh, how the liberals loved that.

Think this could have anything to do with this latest smear attempt by the media and democrats bent on personal destruction? Oh, nooooooooo of course not! But almost everyone knows the desperate straights the democrats are in, and how their friends in the falling old-media are trying to help them by re-creating these false allegations.

Now for the proof

According to the democrats favorite DNC rag, the New York Times, in an article written by Mr. Wilson in July of 2003, after traveling to Iraq on assignment (from his wife no less), he asserted that he had found there were no grounds for believing Saddam had tried to buy nuclear materials, or "yellow cake" to use their favorite 'catch name' for shock value.

The problem for Wilson is that the British stand by their claim that Saddam WAS indeed trying to buy more uranium in Africa. Wilson said president Bush lied about it in his SOTU address. He didn't. Wilson and democrats did.

Seems Wilson wants to have his cake and eat it too, even if it's made of Uranium.

A special prosecutor was appointed to investigate charges by Joe Wilson and his wife Valerie Plame, with accusations of 'outing' her cover. (see previous article as to why she could not be outed) In September 2003, Wilson said, "It's of keen interest to me to see whether or not we can get Karl Rove frog-marched out of the White House in handcuffs." He wrote a book called "The Politics of Truth," which got rave reviews from the mainstream press, and he became a foreign policy adviser to John Kerry's 2004 campaign., according to Michael Barone's article "Our Titus Oates."

That in a nutshell is what this entire fiasco is all about.

President Bush on Monday said: "If Crime Committed, Staffer Will Go" Obviously with that comment, Bush knows Rove is in the clear. He also knows who is not in the clear, and who will pay the price for it. My hunch is that Joe Wilson and his wife Valerie are in deep trouble. It is she who is likely to have her security clearance taken away in the same manner that democrats have demanded for Rove. You'll have to keep a close watch for it after this all dies down, as the media will cover it up the best they can.

Uranium Joe

A detail that the MSM doesn't tell anyone is that by April 2003, when the U.S. invaded Iraq, Saddam Hussein had stockpiled 500 tons of yellowcake uranium at his al Tuwaitha nuclear weapons development plant south of Baghdad.

The New York Times has reported "The United States has informed an international agency that oversees nuclear materials that it intends to move hundreds of tons of uranium from a sealed repository south of Baghdad to a more secure place outside Iraq," the paper announced in a little-noticed May 2004 report. Google it libs.

The Times went on to report that amidst Saddam's yellowcake stockpile, U.S. weapons inspectors found "some 1.8 tons" that they "classified as low-enriched uranium." And Thomas B. Cochran, director of the nuclear program at the Natural Resources Defense Council, told the Times: "A country like Iran could convert that into weapons-grade material with a lot fewer centrifuges than would be required with natural uranium," he explained.

The Senate Intelligence Committee said in a report by both parties that Valerie Plame had suggested his name, to which Wilson denies.

In his report that Wilson gave to the CIA said that Iraq has tried to buy uranium in Niger in 1998, although they did not succeed in doing so. This proved that Bush did NOT lie, but that Wilson was the one lying for democrats political gain.

One more "minor" detail Mr. Wilson and the liberal press don't want the public to know about is that there's a huge reason Niger was such a favored place for Saddam's uranium shopping spree.

Responding to the firestorm that erupted after Wilson's July 2003 column, Prime Minister Tony Blair told reporters:

"In case people should think that the whole idea of a link between Iraq and Niger was some invention, in the 1980s we know for sure that Iraq purchased round about 270 tons of uranium from Niger."

This is actually an inside job that was concocted by the couple, when Wilson's wife Valerie Plame sent her husband to "discover" if their was anything to the Brits information.

Of course Wilson came back after only a short time and said there was none, but he certainly didn't look very hard, and if he had, he may have found out the truth, but he let his partisanship get in the way, as planned before hand.

After hearing insider chatter criticizing Wilson, Cooper said he called Rove, who apparently explained to Cooper that Wilson's mission had not been requested by then-CIA Director George Tenet or Vice President Dick Cheney. Cooper then sought confirmation for that.

It seems that the entire fiasco was planned by design between Plame and Wilson, a couple of liberal traitors who should actually be locked up for treason for falsifying information that makes anything Rove may have said pale in comparison.

The non-story without an end?

Now, according to a report by Fox New's Sharon Kehnemui with the Associated press, Rove did not leak Plame's name and that there was no crime committed by Rove himself. Rove did not say that Plame worked for the CIA using her name. It was assumed by Time magazine reporter Matt Cooper, who was warned by Rove "not get too far out on Wilson." It was a warning democrats now wish he had heeded.

Indeed, the next day the vice president's chief of staff, I. Lewis [Scooter] Libby, told me Cheney had not been responsible for Wilson's mission," Cooper wrote, adding later that in August 2004, he told the grand jury that he asked Libby on background whether he had heard anything about Wilson's wife's sending her husband to Niger.

Libby replied, "Yeah, I've heard that, too, or words to that effect," Cooper wrote, adding that Libby did not reveal her name or where he had heard about Plame.

Pressed on Sunday if his wife was a CIA agent under cover at the time, Wilson stonewalled and avoided answering the question directly, as is typical of democrats who've been caught lying. Who'll ever forget Bill Clinton's full twist of the word 'is' ?

After his television appearance this past Sunday, Wilson told reporters that "whether it is a crime or not ... it is certainly an abuse of power" . For him I'm sure it is, because he desperately wants it to be, but that is not for him to decide. Democrats are realizing they've gone too far with this lie, and are now furiously backpeddling. However, the damage to the party has been done and the more the press makes of it, the more voters democrats will lose.

What about Iran's nukes Joe?

Published on Tuesday we learn that negotiators for the Mullahs in Iran said, "Iran will resume uranium enrichment if the European Union won't recognize 'their right to do so." Say what? Now c'mon Joe, doesn't that trump your silly-old story that doesn't even hold water?

Imagine trying to negotiate against that kind of mindset. They're saying that the world can talk 'til it's blue in the face, and they still won't listen. Sound familiar? Saddam did the same thing all throught the 1990's right up to the Iraq war, so where is Joe Wilson now? Still lying about his exposed lie against his own country to distract us while we're being threatened with possible annihilation. That shows how much democrats care about America.

Did you get that democrats and liberals? Iran isn't listening to you or anyone. They're planning on going ahead with their nukes in order to attack Israel and/or the U.S..

So, democrats, please tell us with your "intellectual" brains exactly what should be done about it. Appeasement? FAILED. U.N. sanctions? They laughed, FAILED. Bribes for a country sitting on tons of oil? Yeah right. Just wait 'til they come to their senses? Sure if you've got another 100 years or so.

So what should we do? Hey, here's an idea, let's send Joe Wilson over to Iran to see if he can find their nuclear plants! Of course we'll have to get his wife's permission first, only this time let's make sure she's really an undercover agent for the CIA. How's that sound? Think that'll stop the administration from protecting the country with a pre-emptive strike if we can stall them by saying Bush lied?

Hey, maybe liberals can protest against Bush to just let Iran have their nukes, and trust them to never use 'em against us? Yeah, yeah, that's the ticket! Besides, they haven't done anything bad to us, right?

Oh, those hundreds of terrorist attacks since the 1970's, well those aren't any reason to get all bent out-of-shape are they?, 'cuz they won't attack anymore if we all just do as they say and denounce our religions, and conform to Islam, right? We don't really want to be a free nation anymore do we?, besides the media says the rest of the world hates us for it, and we all know how really important that is, right?

Watch as Wilson and Plame are abandoned in that mine field when the media comes to a grinding halt on this revamped non-story.

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