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Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Update: Moore-On Durbin's Disaster

As with the viciously non-factual, conspiracy laden anti-American film Fahrenheit 9-11 from ultra-liberal Michael Moore, that backfired on democrats, the statements by their senator Illofnois are having much the same effect on their party of disaster.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Now the second in line for the top dem slot has been knocked down, but not yet out as he should be. Durbin's "apology" statement was lame as he tried desperately, including tears to soften his anti-American, anti-military image. His claim that he didn't mean anything by his words was another lie. Durbin read the FBI statement, and he also embellished it to make it sound worse than it really was after finding this lone document that was written by a disgruntled agent.

Durbin on Tuesday apologized to those who "believe my remarks crossed the line." He spoke after Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., said previous expressions of regret weren't enough. '"Shameful' does not begin to describe this heinous slander against our country," Frist said.

But notice that Durbin did not say that he believed his remarks crossed the line, only that he apologizes if others believe they did. He weasled out again and should be permanently disqualified!

Durbin's partisan words were meant for republicans, but also those in the military, as he tried to pull-off a John Kerry congressional special, but now he's feeling major heat from worried democrats whose support he can't do without, especially the mayor in Chicago.

“If you really believe those men and women in Guatamano Bay are Nazis, then you'd better rethink what America's all about,” Mayor Daley said.

Daley's reaction was harsh, but with a son in the Army and potentially heading to war, maybe not such a surprise.

Durbin, as the number two leader among senate democrats, launched his rhetorical strike last week.

Durbin's remarks were calculated to rev-up dems by bashing the Bush administration's treatment of Iraqi prisoners. It has backfired on him and the democrats in a huge way. But they will still not get it. It's only a matter of time before the next looney liberal comes out with another attack on president Bush, Republicans, the military, and/or America in general.

As I listened to the radio tonight on WLS, many liberals called in to the democrat hosted show of David Jennings trying to dismiss Durbin's apology by claiming that he had nothing to apologize for! They still don't get it and likely never will, because of their arrogance and hatred they feel for anyone who doesn't agree with them. This anger, resentment and hatred has full control over them as if it is some kind of drug to get high on.

“Well, I think it's a disgrace and he's a good friend of mine but I think it's a disgrace to say that any man or woman in the military acts like that, or that report is like that. You go and talk to some victims of the Holocaust and they will tell you horror stories and there are not horror stories like that in Guatamano Bay,” Daley said.

Durbin knew exactly what he was saying as he tried to hit a grand slam against the president, the administration, the military and the war in Iraq. What Durbin didn't think about (and liberals never do) was the consequences that his words would have after being heard by everyone, including the terrorists' and Al Jazeera, who broadcast his Nazi remarks for hours on end.

I urge everyone to read this excellent commentary by David Limbaugh on the disaster Dick Durbin's comments are having on Democrats, America, its image and our troops.

Here are some excerpts from...Time for unanimous outrage at Durbin

This is a party that purports to care about America's image in the world. This is a party that indignantly insists it supports America's military. But in standing by Durbin and refusing to contradict his charges about systematic torture by America's troops (which is what Durbin has to be saying for his abominable comparisons to make any sense at all), the Democrats have done more to harm America's international image and undermine and jeopardize our military than anything they falsely imagine President Bush to have done.

It's not just that Al Jazeera is gleefully broadcasting Durbin's infernal indictment throughout the Muslim world – it spouts anti-American propaganda every day. It's that the entire Democratic Party, in effect, is affirming the substance of his charges.

The Senate should censure and shun Sen. Durbin forthwith for aiding and comforting the enemy not with factual information that happens to place America, the Bush administration and our military in a bad light, but with gross and malicious distortions – inexplicably if Durbin truly is a patriot – to the unspeakable detriment of America and our troops.

Dick Durbin is a traitor of the United States, and he deserves to be dropped into Iraq by parachute right in the middle of a terrorists camp. Then let's watch as he screams for the military that he betrayed, to come to his aid just before the Muslims saw his stupid head off.

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