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Thursday, June 02, 2005


Monica's Deeper Throat

The anti-American scandals of the Clinton presidency are much more serious than anyone is being told, and are now being deflected once again by the liberal media with a 30 year old story about Watergate that nobody even cares about.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com The story of the identity of the so called "deep throat" mystery man has been revealed, and he's now 91 years old. Big whoop!

It is my guess that the public will be much more intrigued by reading how Monica's deeper thoat on Bill caught by her blue dress ended up saving her life, and exposing his lies.

This comes out just as a shocking tell all book "Their Lives: The Women Targeted by the Clinton Machine," about the Clinton White House and many of the outbursts and immature rages, rapes and cover-ups that went on during those years have now come to new light in these chronicled eyewitness accounts of Clinton's perverse presidency.

Notice how the media came to the rescue of the Clinton's just in time to try and save Hillary's presidential run. Depending on the number of books sold, Hill may have to settle for being just a senator, although she has declined to promise New Yorkers she would fulfill her term, after answering the question with her trademark double talk, you know?

All the old questions will surface once again, only this time the old media will be overwhelmed by the new blogosphere in their hate infested liberal attempts to cover for the Clinton doomsday machine.

The only questions remaining are; will America make the same mistake again and be conned into yet another even more liberal era of lies and scandal? And, will America survive if it happens? Personally, I doubt it.

Let's make sure it doesn't happen!

Go get 'em fellow Conservative bloggers!

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