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Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Exploding Democrats

Well it's not even July yet, but the democrats seem to be blowing up all over the place. Howeird Dean is having tantrums on the circuit in attempts to drum up some support and raise money, where they are trailing the GOP by more than half.

Dr. Dean has turned into Mr. Hyde while he rants and raves about republicans being the worst in society. His recent claims that republicans have "never made an honest living" went over like a lead balloon. He actually feels that more than half the country never worked in their lives and that only democrats put sweat into their jobs. One has to wonder if he's talking about the Hollywood elite here too, where most of the democrats get their support from? Many dems in the party are distancing themselves from him, claiming that "Dean doesn't speak for for all democrats." But as the head of the party, it is his job to set the tone for elections. If this is his tone, then democrats have much to worry about.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean, unapologetic in the face of recent criticism that he has been too tough on his political opposition, said in San Francisco this week that Republicans "all behave the same, and they all look the same. ... It's pretty much a white Christian party. " Read all about it here; The mouth that won't stop roaring

An overview of the 'good' Democratic platform; abortion on demand, gay rights, oppose school prayer, oppose the display of Christian symbols, oppose the use or display of the Bible, and -- if Howard Dean is to be taken seriously -- hatred for the 'evil' Republicans for not sharing that worldview.

Dean's latest remarks were to a Gay and Lesbian group in SanFran, where they love to hate anyone who disagrees with their selfish agenda to spread their sinful lifestyle throughout society, and ruin the institution of marriage.

Dean's brand of propaganda isn't aimed at politicians or party, it is aimed at America itself. His obsession with destroying the Republicans ("I hate the Republicans and everything they stand for." NYDaily News Jan 30, 2005) is shared by those who elected him. The ranters and protesters who hate America and what it stands for.

To that end, they have shown a willingness to exacerbate the Red State/Blue State divide, propagate any lie, no matter how outrageous, submit the United States to any embarrassment, (our president is illegitimate, our troops immoral, our detention facilities a 'gulag') -- if it will restore them to power.

Howard Dean is quoted, saying of 'Two-State America' "This is a struggle of good and evil. And we're the good."

Even the ultra-liberal Susan Estrich had this to say about Dean: "The reason other Democrats don't say such things is because you don't win elections this way. In point of fact, of course, what Dean is saying is wrong. Most Republicans are not coupon-clippers -- they go to work and earn a day's pay like the rest of us. And hearing Howard Dean say otherwise not only offends Republicans, but also moderates and independents who have no taste for class warfare or the strident liberalism that Howard Dean is selling."

"But that's not really the problem with Dean. In seeking the party chairmanship, he promised not to run for president. I'd be willing to bet that Howard Dean will be well out of the picture by the time November 2008 rolls around, having been replaced by someone with less of an appetite for insulting would-be voters and donors."

"What is far more troubling is what Dean may not be doing, and what his counterpart, Ken Mehlman, almost certainly is. According to the latest reports, Mehlman and his RNC have outraised Dean and his DNC by a factor of about three to one: $42 million to $14 million. Three top DNC major fund-raisers have left in recent weeks..."

Dean: GOP Only for White Christians
Howard Dean isn't backing down from disparaging every Republican in the country and went even further on Wednesday, saying the GOP is "not very friendly" and upholds the "agenda of the conservative Christians."

Kerry's D's

Well, now we know the truth about John Kerry and his newly exposed records at Yale that he had kept hidden so well for so long.

Turns out that man who said, "I can't believe I'm losing to this moron" is himself a dumber moron who had five D's during his years at Yale and graduated with a worse record than the president.

Dumb, Dork, Demented, Disaster, Denial - are what those five D's would likely stand for, and America would have to deal with had Kerry won the '04 election. Thank God it didn't happen.

This shows that Kerry himself is a very conniving man who manipulates information for his personal gain, in much the same vein as Hillary Clinton does. He lied to congress from the beginning during his testimony about Vietnam, and he hasn't stopped since.

True to form, those in the liberal media responsible for getting relevant information out to the public are practically dead silent on the shocking exposé.

Hillary Clinton

is having fits over a new book titled "The Truth About HILLARY" by Eward Klein that has exposed her bad temper during her years living in White House. She has only gotten meaner since. Yes, the "Mrs." is gearing up for her run at the top spot, but her attacks on the president are making her sound as bad as Dr. Deaniac.

Remember this is the woman who was once a member of the Black Panther Terrorist organization. She has been quoted as saying "We must stop thinking of the individual and start thinking about what is best for society."-- Hillary Clinton

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Yes, Hillary wants to bring her brand of socialism/communism/marxism to America because she feels she can succeed where so many others have failed. If her previous chaotic years in the White House with her "husband" are any indication of the future she visions for America, then she will be met with a resounding defeat during the 2008 primaries, provided she makes it past her upcoming 2006 senate vote where she has not yet promised to fulfill even if she wins.

This woman cannot be trusted at all running the country because she's far too emotional and can't see reality for what it is. The last thing this nation needs during a time of terrorism is an emotional liberal president who would invite our enemies over for tea and put them up in the Lincoln Bedroom.

Columnist Robert Novak had this to say about Hillary just today: "The concern here with Clinton is not borne in fear that she might fail to carry California. Almost any Democrat would be likely to win in the nation's most populous state, where the advent of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is an exotic event that has not changed the GOP's minority status in California. Rather, the fear here is pronounced that Clinton cannot win in Red America, guaranteeing a third straight Republican term in the White House."

Well, the fear of the liberals is what they are all about now isn't it? They fear everything because they are emotional wrecks who believe whatever propagana they're told by the liberal media and Hollywood elites. They believe that republicans are going to bring the world to an end and that is up to them to stop it from happening.

The dwindling group of honest, rational democrats realize they have a big problem on their hands with Howie Dean and Hillary Clinton. They know they are playing a losing game and must find some other voices of reason instead of shrill name calling if they are to make any gains in the future. For the democrats, they must realize that the Clinton's are history and they must keep them there before they destroy the party forever.

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