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Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Bush's Resolve Right for Freedom

While the war in Iraq continues to sizzle, the real heat is coming from insurgent terrorists' going into Iraq from Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and other Arab countries. It is also coming from the ever fervent liberals in the DNC, and their puppet anti-warmongering media on the far left.

What this means is that this war is actually working the way it was supposed too by keeping the terrorists' coming into Iraq to be arrested or killed during battle. The strategy is to keep our casualties as low as possible and the enemies high. With the war being held in the Iraq theater, the terrorists' are kept busy over there and not here at home or in other countries, which saves countless lives all over the world every single day.

The fact is that this global war on terror is being fought and won by our military and Commander in Chief despite the negative polls of the liberal media who wish otherwise. Hence their constant whining and rattle shaking.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
President George W. Bush addresses the troops at Fort Bragg and the nation on the Iraq war.

The liberal forces can't stomach a plan that works successfully, proving why they're so against Bush's plan to democratize the middle east. Democrats have come out and said that Bush should have target dates and "bench marks" for the war. Well, that would be mico-managing the war which is how you lose them, as was proved by Vietnam under democrat presidents. Is that what democrats really want for America? Unfortunately the answer is yes!

So once again the democrats are wrong about our strategy to reshape the world, just as they were with Russia when President Reagan ended the Cold War. Bush certainly isn't going to take the advice of those emotional appeasers. The president's resolve is what will win or lose this war. Democrats want to break it, so they can come in and pick up the pieces. That would be certain and total disaster for America.

Let's face it, the American people voted for Bush in record numbers against the democrats for a reason. And that is to win this critical war on terror and keep America free and spread democracy. Democrats are turning into isolationists' not wanting America to be the leader of the free world. So Democrats cheat and lie to steal elections in order to force their backward agenda onto society, which mirrors what terrorists' do. Here is real proof of that... Democrats Convicted in Vote Fraud Scheme

Thank God Bush is strong in the knowledge that the mission must be completed for America and Iraq to remain free. He also has confidence that the majority of American people know what is at stake and have the resolve to see it through.

"Quagmire" that Isn't
Some democrats and their entire liberal base of whiners are in love with the word "quagmire" wanting desperately for this war and president Bush to fail. Why? So they can say "we told you so" since they've gone out on a limb against the war and against America itself. In reality, the real quagmire is in the DNC, led by Howard Dean, who hates, hates, hates that they keep losing support, and have no plans to help America, with the tired exception of raising taxes to steal the working man's money for invisible social programs.

They know that the American people know that Bush and his administration are the best to defend the nation with. All democrats ever offer are complaints about everything while providing negative solutions. Read: The Facts Are Things Are Going Well in Iraq - Neal Boortz, Nealz Nuze

The loser of the 2004 election, Senator John Kerry has an article in the liberals favorite anti-American rag, the New York Times. The presidential wanted to be, anti-military liberal who hasn't given all his records yet as promised, has the gall to write what he feels the president "should say." As if he has any credibility left since his ideas were soundly rejected by the majority of American voters that includes his anti-war rhetoric. Read: Kerry's Bad Advice on Iraq

Being against the war for liberals is a badge of honor for them. Liberals are against the war for one main reason, and that is because they seethe with anger and hatred against president George W. Bush, the United States and it's military. They're hell bent on trying to impeach the commander in chief based on a discredited memo made in passing that has no relevance to the decisions made in going to war. But for many democrats, the Downing Street memo would be the smoking gun for their conspiracy laden theorists wanting to end the war and Bush's presidency in one fell swoop, even if it destroys America at the same time.

If democrats and liberals were to succeed in their evil ways, then this could very well be what brings the greatest country on earth to its end, and we will be able to blame the democrats and liberals for everything that happens afterwards, which will very likely be much worse than any time in history, if we survive.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
June 28, 2005: President Bush greets troops after speaking at Fort Bragg, N.C.

However, all that isn't likely to happen, for many reasons, primarily that this war is just after 9/11 where 3000 innocent American's were brutally killed by terrorists'. Another is that the mission of the war is well defined, voted for by congress and is making progress.

By blinding themselves to any progress, liberals only see and here from their friends in the liberal media where negative images show everything going all bad and nothing good. The media elites did it once with Vietnam and they feel they can do it again no matter the cost of American lives or place in the world.

Don't let the libs fool you, they do not care about the men and woman fighting for the country, because most liberals feel soldiers are expendable anyway, as they are doing what libs constitute as evil, in the name of spreading freedom and democracy, no matter that the Iraqi people want it and voted for it in huge numbers. If liberals are against it, then that is all that counts to them, and they'll do anything it takes to get their way.

Brains bent left

The contradictions of the liberal mind is as fascinating as it is frustrating. They want freedom and a better world, but they don't want to anyone else to have it if it will cost (them) too much, as if it can somehow be done cheaply, but they want to pour billions of taxpayer dollars into a corrupt United Nations that was set up to prevent wars from happening, but in reality only exacerbates them.

Liberals have taken sides with the terrorists' because deep down that is who they identify with. Liberals can't stand what America stands for, feeling out of place living in freedom because others don't. They certainly don't want it spread to other nations ruled under dictatorships as they feel it is none of our business how many people are killed somewhere else, and that it will all be worked out by just talking about the problem instead. Libs feel that terrorists' can be reasoned with somehow if only we have the "courage" to try.

But in reality, terrorists' are obsessed with an evil ideology of hatred called Jihad, that dictates they kill anyone who wants freedom and liberty, especially Christians and Jews. Bush isn't about to let them win and neither will the American people, no matter what liberals and democrats say!

Note: The Creative Conservative will post its views on the Supreme Court NEXT week.

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