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Friday, March 25, 2005


Killing Innocent Lives

The reality of letting Terri Schiavo suffer through starvation is murder. This is an innocent, live human being who has reactions, can communicate and breath on her own.

If she is able to be done away with because some in society don't want to deal with her by wrongly labeling her as being in a vegatative state. Who could be next in line to be killed because they are not able to contribute as a normal functioning person?

Shall society deem it acceptable to kill all retarded children because they are needy? How about the handicapped? Should Christopher Reeves have been let to die (killed) after his accident because he was paralyzed and unable to breath on his own? Should coma victims be killed by starvation because they are taking up bed space?

I mean why waste the money, right? Many, (but not all) on the left who put money ahead of life are making their anti-life stance well known now and could be in the process of self-destruction.

Are people now putting more value on the lives of criminals than on the innocent? Those who side with Terri's death are the same blinded types who took Barabbas' side against Jesus. That is literally the case here, and could have much the same effect on their souls.

"But all together they shouted out, "Away with this man! Release Barabbas to us."

(Barabbas had been imprisoned for a rebellion that had taken place in the city and for murder.)

Again Pilate addressed them, still wishing to release Jesus,
but they continued their shouting, "Crucify him! Crucify him!"
(Luke 23: 18-21)

Now replace "him" with her, meaning Terri. Could the resulting and sudden destruction Rome suffered then parallel America's near future?

Supporting guilty criminals In support of convicted murderer Carla Faye Tucker for example, many if not most democrats and liberals have exposed their ultra-bias against support of the innocent while taking the side of tried and found guilty criminals. After all, most of them are in favor of killing babies for the convenience of the mother, while simultaneously trying to justify their protests' against capital punishment and war.

This conflicting attempt at reconcilliation could eventually tear the fabric of this nation to shreads, which is exactly what those in other countries, especially many European ones are currently salivating for.

Innocent life is protected by the U.S. Constitution, and says man has no right to take it away by man made laws.

Isn't it strange that some who claim to have discernment argue against saving a life, support baby killing and euthanasia, making government God, and consider human lives to be disposable items?

Are these not the same types who tried to stop America from getting involved in WWII, not wanting us to stop Hitler's slaughtering of millions of innocent Jews? After all, Hitler started his campaign of death with the disabled.

Only recently since abortion was legalized has this devaluation of life happened. If we do not turn back the tide, the end of a once great country could be at hand.

God works in mysterious ways. So it seems fitting that this is taking place at this Easter time of year. For if and when Terri dies, it will be because her death was desired by people using the hypocritical guise of helping her, while her adulterous ex-husband is pathetically treated as the victim by the anti-life liberal media.

In any event, Terri will be in paradise soon, but the consequences for those who wanted her death and have written or said anything against her, will come without warning, and they shall not escape.

God's will be done.

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