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Monday, March 07, 2005


Democrats still getting it all wrong

Ask any democrat how things are going in Iraq or the Middle East and you'll likely get this answer; "it's a quagmire" or "it's worse than Vietnam" or an oldie but goodie, "we shouldn't have gone there to begin with." Even today you'll hear this same negativity from most democrats.

So one has to ask why do they refuse to see any good happening in Iraq or how democracy is spreading in the region? The answer is simple, it means democrats have lost on each and every count since Bush was first elected and especially with their protests against the war and freeing millions of Iraqis, Kurds and now Lebanese.

Democrats have gone against what is best for the people by insisting on making government a slave master to control people, much the same way dictators keep control through forced government.

Let's look at how democrats got it all wrong about Iraq and the Middle East. By going smack dab into the middle of Iraq and launching an offensive to drive out Saddam Hussein, President Bush realized that spreading democracy had to start there. Democrats were saying that doing so would cause "millions" of casualites and that we would lose. Democrat's also said there would be no elections, and then if there were elections that they'd be invalid. Many are sticking to his last bit if falsity. The constant whining of the liberal left has made the democrats an un-serious party who puts emotional feelings ahead of doing what's right for America and the world.

With the Syrians being driven out by the Lebanese people in mass protest, we can now see that Bush was right to stick with his plan to spread freedom. Democrats claimed Bush never had a plan, and that it was a huge mistake to assume the Iraqi people or any others in the mideast actually wanted freedom. Who knew?

Positive agenda vs. complaints
Bush and any positive thinking person knew, that's who. The democrats bet wrong and lost on all counts because of their negative views driven by irrational behavior and narrow minded morons like the Hollywood elite, Michael Moore and the liberally biased mainstream media pundits.

On Lebanon, Bush noted that French President Jacques Chirac, British Prime Minister Tony Blair and German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder have joined him in demanding that Syria withdraw its forces from Lebanon.

"Syria has been an occupying force in Lebanon for nearly three decades, and Syria's support for terrorism remains a key obstacle to peace in the broader Middle East," Bush said.

You think they'd of learned something from their wrong headed views about Reagan and Russia in the 1980's, where again they failed miserably as an obstructionist party who claimed to no end that World War III would start because of Reagan's "cowboy attitude."

They all got it all wrong all this time because they wanted to see Bush and America fail badly, and instead everything backfired on them no matter what they did because they feel people are basically dumb and cannot think for themselves and that government knows better than the people, therefore should control the people.

So since their mega-losses just since 2000, dems have been crying in their beer while trying to figure it all out. Fortunately for the rest of us, the liberals will never 'get it' because of their arrogance being filled to the gills with false emotions instead of logical brain power.

"Spreading freedom's blessings is the calling of our time. And when freedom and democracy take root in the Middle East, America and the world will be safer and more peaceful," said President Bush on Saturday.

Democrats are clueless about what he's saying, and that alone will keep them in minority status for a very long time, quite possibly through the next couple of decades if not for the remaining first half of this century.

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