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Thursday, March 10, 2005


The Clintons are Sucking Up for '08!

Both Bill and Hillary are up to their devilish ways again. Bill is cozying up to the first president Bush, while Hill tries to con senator Santorum against sex on TV. See related story Hil gets an odd pal in battle vs. sex TV. Wasn't it Bubba who condoned it all by saying that oral sex isn't sex? I guess the meaning of 'is' is always questionable, you know? In trying to remake their image, the Clinton's are being nice to republicans, baiting them as suckers to get back in good graces with the American majority.

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Hillary is very deceiving and she should never be trusted. Republicans beware!

These Clinton's are not to be trusted for a second. Their motives are to get back into the White House no matter what, and they're willing to deceive as much as possible in order to get their way. Let's remember that Bill LIED to the entire nation on TV, saying that he "did not have sex with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky."

After Bill's book My Life came out, Bill's love child, Ms. Monica waited nearly a week to comment, but she is out with a scathing review of the book authored by former president Bill Clinton, branding her ex-paramour a "liar and a creep," who "makes her blood boil," when she hears him describe the affair that nearly brought down his presidency. This bald-faced lie came after he lied to a grand jury under oath. So then instead of leaving office like a man, Mr. Slick decided to ride it out and disgrace the nation by hiring sleazy lawyers to get him off the hook of impeachment, although he did lose his license to practice law for life in front of the Supreme Court.

Also remember that Bill Clinton left the country in recession after raising taxes three times and cutting the budgets of the military, CIA, FBI, INS agencies in half. The big HE let Osama bin Laden plan and execute his war against America for 8 years, even after the first WTC bombing in 1993 with more bombings by Al Qaeda on American targets all over the world, culminating in the terrorists' master plan on 9/11/01, killing over 3,000 innocent people shocking the world.

This article BUBBA'S BUSH BOOST A BIG HIT FOR THE MRS. in today's New York Post online, verifies what I'm talking about with what the Clinton's have up their evil sleeves.

Let's also remember that Hillary couldn't remember anything about her husbands many criminal pardon's or about the White Water scandal or Vince Foster's 'suicide' when facing questions during their last years in office. But suddenly she came out her tell all book filled with her version of History, revised to her liking, minus actual facts.

Obviously all this is an attempt to mend their shattered reputations. But it doesn't change who and what these two people are, despicable liars and con artist's bent on destroying America with liberalized socialism.

The Clinton's will tell as many lies as they have to because they don't care about the truth, if they know what truth 'is,' moreover they probably don't think really even exists.

The Europeon's are coming

The true goal of the Clinton 2008 run is to bring America to its knees so that their friends in the European Union can have their way with us, and take over as the leading power on the planet. The EU is getting huge with 80,000 pages of laws and regulations they call a constitution, that encompasses everything in daily life you can imagine, but it includes no checks and balances like the US Constitution and therefore is a nightmare in the making, especially for Americans.

Already the US Supreme Court Justices are basing their decisions on what the EU says is best for them, instead of what is best for America.

If the Clinton's or any democrat for that matter, regains the White House, America will be finished as a sovereign nation as the EU will expand to take over the entire world, as is their stated goal.

The EU takeover is now in progress, and we need to wake up to it and stop it from happening before it's too late. Many lives have been given to keep our nation free for over 229 years. Let's not lose it now by putting the Clinton's back into office.

Keep the democrats OUT of our government because they want to give it away!

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